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The Persevering
Iman Perez
Unravel the mystique of our signature colour.
The daughter of actress Karine Silla and actor, photographer and director Vincent Perez, and niece of director Luc Besson, it’s no wonder Iman Perez exudes an innate sense of bohemian flair.
But behind that adorable and artsy façade lies a determined soul. Iman loves showjumping more than anything else and will never give up on it, no matter what obstacles (literal or metaphorical) lie in her way. As one third of the MIASUKI IX series 1, Iman shared with us her belief in persevering at her passion.

“I was riding every day from when I was five years old until a few years ago. One day, my family sat me down and said, ‘Sorry Iman, but we can’t afford this anymore.’ I was forced to stop for a year and went into depression. I just cannot not ride! So I started saving up from my modelling jobs and knocked on doors of various companies for sponsorship. Luckily, I managed to find my own way to carry on. I truly believe in ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’.”

“Do you know the amazing thing about showjumping? People immediately assume that it’s all about money. But it’s not. You need to dedicate a lot of time and effort to practising, to communicating with a 500-pound animal and all the entourage who take care of it. Horses force you to mature very fast, to deal with feelings, which helps you in real life.”

“I ride with my coach Marie Couperie Eiffel but we also hang out all the time. That’s another thing about the horse circuit - we are so used to hanging out with people from different age groups because we share the same passion and values. Age is just a number.”
“Horses force you to mature very fast, to deal with feelings, which helps you in real life.”
Iman Perez
“Because of my modelling job, I’m very blessed that one day I can be on the red carpet of a fashion party and the next day I’ll be on the horse, competing in Madrid. I like the two very different ambiences of the worlds of fashion and horses, yet both are so elegant.”
Image source @ImanPerez
“When I’m not riding, I go to the gym and enjoy a great boxing session. Sometimes I do hip-hop ballet because it’s a good way to combine my love for 90s soul, R&B music and ballet dancing. It helps me relax and unwind. I very much enjoy being in the fashion industry and I find great satisfaction in building my own career, but ultimately, my dream, my goal is still to become an Olympic showjumping athlete.”