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Intelligent beauty for life
MIASUKI Has Created a New Category of Luxury Performance Wear.
This new class of beautiful multi-purpose wear has been created through innovative synergies
of elite grade performance fabrics with supremely comfortable natural materials.

MIASUKI is perfected in the toughest, stress test laboratories – the equestrian arenas of the world,
where ultimate performance levels are matched only by the perseverance and grace of the wearer.

Only the highest, pure-grade Italian and
Swiss fabrics chosen for durability, resilience,
and exquisite personal comfort.
Intelligent second-skin comfort
and silhouette cutting, developed
precisely for women’s bodies.
Meticulous hand stitching and artisan
finishing to ensure exceptional resilience
in high performance environments.
Fabric futures research to
maximise product efficiency,
durability and wearability.
Quality first in choice of fabric.
Quality Intelligence in R&D analysis.
100% Quality Consistency in production.
Relentless innovation to
continually improve and upgrade
future product performance.

MIASUKI is empowered by a multi-sensory mindset to challenge the conventions of performance design. Evidence of this obsessive attention to detail is visible in the detailed signature elements in our clothing, in the poise of the wearer, but only truly sensed and experienced when you try on your first MIASUKI.

I am utterly driven by the need to continuously scrutinise, upgrade and improve. This is how we ensure that our designs purposefully and seamlessly align with our MIASUKI womens’ dynamic daily lifestyles.
Mia S. Lei
Founder of MIASUKI